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In 1988,  Zhejiang Ouhai Auto Door and Window Manufacturing Company was founded.
In November 1992,  Zhejiang Fengye Group was founded and was one of the earliest private stainless steel manufacturers in China.
In May 1998,  Zhejiang Tsingshan Special Steel Co., Ltd. was founded and emerged as one of the largest private stainless steel manufacturers in China at that time.
In June 2003,  Tsingshan Holding Group was founded.
In May 2004,  Qingtian Industrial Park was completed and put into operation to produce stainless steel rod, wire and tubular products.
In June 2005,  Henan Tsingshan Jinhui Stainless Steel Industry Company was founded.
In June 2006,  Guangdong Qingyuan Tsingshan Stainless Steel Company was founded.
In March 2008,  Fujian Tsing Tuo Industrial Company was founded. When it established the first RKEF production line in China, the integrative production line converting nickel minerals into stainless steel was available.
In July 2010,  Guangdong Guangqing Metal Technology Co., Ltd. was founded to establish RKEF production line and stainless steel wide slab production base.
In October 2011,  Tsingshan College of Business was founded to launch the talent cultivation mechanism.
In June 2013,  Fujian Tsing Tuo Nickel Industry Company was put into operation.
In October 2013,  the Chairman XIANG Guangda was present in the commercial agreement signing ceremony between China and Indonesia and luncheon party. The nickel pig Iron project agreement was signed in the witness of President XI Jinping and President Susilo.
In Februay 2014,  Tsing Tuo Science and Technology launched 1,780mm hot strip continuous rolling trial production.
In April 2014,  the company applied to Ministry of Civil Affairs for founding the national charitable organization--Tsingshan Charitable Foundation.
In November 2014, Indonesia Tsingshan Stainless Steel Company was founded.
In May 2015,  the President of Indonesia, Joko presided over the launching ceremony and cut the ribbon for nickel ore smeltery founded by PT Sulawesi Mining Investment.
In December 2015,  Indonesia Ruipu Nichrome Company was founded.
In September 2016,  Fujian Tsing Tuo Krupp Stainless Steel Cold Rolling Project held its opening ceremony.
In June 2017,  Tsingshan signed cooperation agreement of Weda Bay Project with Eramet.
In September 2017,  Tsing Tuo Industrial put the first-phase project into production.
In August 2018,  Indonesia Weda Bay Industrial Park held the groundbreaking ceremony.

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