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Social Responsibility

Tsingshan people are fulfilling their commitment to ecological environment by process innovation, investment increment and management improvement. Meanwhile, we are more active in feeding back the society and placing social responsibility, public welfare charity, sustainability and energy saving at the forefront of corporate development.

Tsingshan people also put their sustainabable development in every project construction and daily management of every plant. In accordance with high standards, we will fulfill our environmental protection responsibility in real earnest. To save energy and reduce emission maximally, we have spent several billion yuan to produce laterite nickel ore belt conveyor, desulfurization tower, wastewater treatment and other facilities during its production and operation.

Over many years, Tsingshan has recycled tens of million tons of waste stainless steel and carried out recycling economy in every working process; The Indonesia Morowali Industrial Park also innovates the local plant construction mode to save marine energy consumption that can generate 0.95 billion KWH every year; as for the mined area, Tsingshan reclaims and greens them in order.

Tsingshan is moving towards the sustainable development in its charitable cause, including the initial scattered donation, two charity branches and national charitable foundation.

We spent RMB 40 million to build Wenzhou Longwan District Charity Federation Tsingshan Holding Group Branch and Tsingshan Holding Qingtian Industrial Park Charity Branch in 2007 to help more inconvenient and vulnerable groups with this long-term and normalized career.

In 2014, we invested RMB 50 million to apply to Ministry of Civil Affairs for Tsingshan Charitable Foundation. We persist in "focus on people's livelihood to develop public welfare career; offer compassion to harmonize the society" principle.  Tsingshan also made great efforts to rescue the orphans and signed an agreement with China SOS Children Village Association to launch a special cooperation project between China SOS Children Village Association and Tsingshan Charitable Foundation with China SOS Children Village Association. Meanwhile, it has spared no effort in support in the impoverished students, for example, it took the poverty alleviation and students assistance action by thousand people in Ningde.

For more than 10 years,our charity expenditure has accumulatively exceeded 50 million yuan.

In foreign countries, we build schools, hospitals and public facilities to share our booming achievements with people with different races and beliefs. Besides better work and life, they also enjoy the respect and recognition.


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