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The vigorous development of more than thirty years has given birth to the unique and charming corporate culture of Tsingshan.

Since its establishment, Tsingshan has advocated its moral criterion based on the Chinese character "Zheng", namely: Speak correctly, act backbonedly, behave uprightly and work fairly. The reason is that good character is crucial to the company owners and enterprise survival and development.

During the more than thirty years of development, Tsingshan has erects many positive spiritual banners. such as dare to be the first, dedicated integrity, speaking uprightly, fairness and justice, openness and inclusiveness, processional innovation and win-win cooperation. Engraved on our marching signpost, these spiritual banners will inspire us to go further in the future.

Main connotations of Tsingshan culture

Superior consciousness of dare to take risk and be the first.

Develop the value of developing enterprise and contributing to the society.

Make the stainless steel career bigger and stronger.

Be forward-looking during current operation.

Competitive teamwork spirits.

Make success by relying on talents.

Simple and harmonious interpersonal relationship.

Clean-fingered team image.

Broad cooperation and win-win.

A vigorous and efficient style of practice. 

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